Chomi – CAC Hrušica in hopla v gore :o) ! / Chomi – dog show and jump in the mountains :o) !

 Bil je čas za našo najljubšo razstavo pod gorami, tako, da smo vsi spremljali Chomi :o) !…
Bila je zelo pridna in prejela lep opis, odlično 1 in CAC ! … Bravo Chomi !!! … po razstavi pa smo se vsi podali gor, gor, gor v gore :o) !
It was time for our favorite dog show under the mountains, so we all followed Chomi :o) … She was very good girl and she received a lovely description, excellent 1 and CAC ! …. Way to go Chomi !!! …. and after Chomi finished we all went up, up, up in the mountains :o) !
Titi in Chomi vršič maj 2014Titi in Chomi
Chomi trenta maj14Chomi
Chomi 1 trenta maj14Chomi
Titi trenta maj14Titi
Titi 1 trenta maj14Titi
Sami 1 trenta maj14Sami
Sami trenta maj14Sami
Shu trenta maj14Shu
Nanda trenta maj 14Nanda
Gyan trenta maj14Gyantso


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