JCh Wanted Nice Dog’s Evanthi Lamleh ♀

Titi gl1
I feel like it was yesterday…..
when I saw you on the photo one morning and I fell in love….

For the first time I saw you, you took my breath away,
leaving me not only breathless, but speechless in all the way –
and I simply knew that my home needs you !

I couldn’t helped, I just hoped for
the presence of you in my embrace
and one day you came and
with you it all falls into place !

You keep my emotions at their peak all the time !

You are my sun that shines above
and the stars that twinkle way up in the sky
You are my thunder, my lightening,
and peaceful shadow at my feet with inocent blinking eye

And on more time ….
yes, you won my heart
simply – because you are the one ♥ !!!

(by Nataša Čok)

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