Thoombay 2 dni super uspešen na razstavi CACIB Rogla / Thoombay 2 days super successful on dog show CACIB Rogla

Prvi dan … Thoombay se je prvič udeležil razstave :) … CACIB ROGLA I … Bil je super priden fant in prejel oceno odlično1, CAC, CACIB, BM, BOS ♡
Drugi dan … CACIB ROGLA II – Thoombay ♡ ponovno čudovito sodeloval z mano in bil super poslušen fant ter prejel oceno odlično1, CAC, rez. CACIB
Bravo Thoombay, moj zlati fant ♡
Day 1 …. Thoombay for the first time at dog show – CACIB ROGLA I … He was super good boy ♡ and he received CAC, CACIB, BM, BOS ♡
Day 2 …  CACIB ROGLA II – Thoombay ♡ again super sweet, good and obedient boy ♡ received excellent 1, CAC and res. CACIB ♡
Way to go Thoombay ♡ Love you my golden boy ♡

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