Why a TT ? (by N. Čok)

Shu in Natasa v gorah
Why a TT ?

We climb together in the mountains
and they find a passage the best can be.
We walk together on the meadows
and they explaining secrets of the woods to me.

Always share their happy moods
and never let me down.
Their “how-how” means:
“I am here and I am always by your side”

I’m amazed looking their sound and agile bodies
flying through the rocks and trees
and when winds dishevelled their coats –
All that – is a poetry !

Then comes a moment when I catch their gaze,
when our eyes meet,
and I have to take a sweet, painful breath,
and my heart beat with most great respect !

‘Cause in these eyes I always see –
…. a secret, magic lake reflection
of true wisdom and loyalty.

And that’s it …. Why a TT ?
They are my life, my love and my destiny !

……for Nanda, Tara, Shu, Sami, Titi & Gyantso….

Nataša, 2012

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